Blockchain Technology Services

When people talk about a revolutionary technology that provides the space for businesses to do their daily operations in a cheaper, faster and reliable way, Blockchain is the most common term used. Blockchain is already impacting different industries and sectors in a large scale, from Health Care to Voting. Other businesses are already searching on how to start using it. Decentralisation is the key element to blockchain technology that differentiates itself from other platforms and business strategies. ZEBRA offers such new emerging technology, customized and responsive to specific customers’ needs in order to provide a strategic tool for businesses to execute their agreements or transactions.

Smart Contracts
Different businesses and organizations deal with each other to exchange services or products. All the terms and conditions - that are usually reviewed and changed over time - are signed by the involved parties in the form of agreements or contracts. Such paper-based contracts are disposed to errors or event frauds which affects the trust between the associated parties. The possibility of risks is therefore becoming larger. Blockchain technology offers a solution to such problems through Smart Contracts.

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