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ZEBRA yearly gathering 2023



ZEBRA's yearly end of summer social gathering 2023. 

In ZEBRA we like to meet on social out-of-work happenings as well as to see each other every day.

Who didn’t enjoy a treasure hunt during childhood years? We decided to check if it was as fun as we remembered.

Kick-off from Nicosia and we went on a treasure hunt by car! Challenges solved among colleagues to find the clues that took us on a grand tour via among other locations beautiful Athallassa's Park as well as the village of Daliou. 

In line with the company's policy on sustainability we went with as few cars as possible, so as to limit the CO2 emissions and make our contribution to the planet.

We succeeded - of course - and found ourselves finally by the sea - at Lush culinary spot on the Makenzy beach in Larnaca.

Late summer temperatures embraced us. The food was delicious and plenty – the view of the sea soothing as ever, a little beer here and there (not the drivers) put us all in a jolly mood. The conversation ran loose and cheerful, it does good to share food and drink and interact in a different way than through work.

At the end of the afternoon we found our way back to Nicosia. And as the story goes – we all thought it had been a magnificent day!


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