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Rethink, Reimagine, Reinvent Integration | A Unified Experience | Brunch Event by ZEBRA & IBM


With great pleasure, ZEBRA would like to thank all participants of the “Rethink, Reimagine, Reinvent Integration | A Unified Experience'' Event who contributed to making the event a great success.

The brunch event took place in the Limassol Marina, at the EPSILON Resto Bar on the 23rd of September 2022.

Special thanks to the speakers from IBM and Hellenic Bank who combined and shared a variety of valuable speeches and an exposition of the most cutting-edge IBM technologies. The speakers were specialized IBM professionals, with extensive experience and knowledge, along with a representative of Hellenic Bank, who demonstrated a case study regarding the APP connect Enterprise and API Connect.

Ms. Joanna Tsakona, the Automation Sales Specialist in IBM, presented the IBM Cloud Pak for Integration solution which is the industry’s most complete hybrid integration platform designed to support the scale, security and flexibility required to empower your digital transformation. In addition, Ms Tsakona presented Instana Observability, a solution which boosts functionality and observability in an enterprise application performance monitoring (APM). With IBM Instana Observability, users can combine APM with automation capabilities and distributed tracing to deploy on premise or as a SaaS solution.

Mr. Panos Chronopoulos, the Technical Sales Specialist in IBM, presented the Robotic Process Automation also known as RPA. IBM’s RPA augments its traditional RPA capabilities with extra automation. Users adopt it to address their immediate task-automation needs and then layer on its additional capabilities to make their RPA bots smarter and even more agile. Bots will be able to orchestrate workflows, integrate with the business rules and decisions, manage content, and capture data — all these to help organizations achieve existing business objectives more efficiently and effectively but also to allow them to reimagine newer and even more scalable and innovative ideas.

Ms. Marilena N. Georgiadou, Associate Manager at Hellenic Bank, delighted the audience by presenting the Bank's experience in adopting IBM solutions to address various challenges. In particular, the need for a new way of communicating systems was the main reason for the Bank's decision to implement a middleware solution across the bank, leaving behind outdated practices and data silos. IBM Integration Bus was the right choice to address this challenge. IBM Integration Bus (now known as APP Connect Enterprise) was implemented to enable communication between heterogeneous systems with very different hardware/software. In addition, the Bank has implemented the IBM API Connect solution for API management, in order to achieve proper API lifecycle management and improved Hellenic Bank's overall security. This resulted in better communication between all systems and provided the ability to create and implement new but complex API flows, as well as their secure flow with external systems. The combination of these solutions were the main factors that allowed the Bank to make a huge leap forward in terms of innovation, performance and stability of the Bank.

IBM’s strategy regarding the Hybrid Cloud and AI reflects on the essence of Digital Innovation. It is mission critical for enterprises to drive innovation across their heterogenous environments. Hybrid Cloud solutions allow integration and orchestration of enterprise workloads in multiple environments while the journey towards Hybrid Cloud unlocks the full value of Digital Innovation. As a catalyst to digital transformation, IBM solutions accelerate the journey to a long-lasting value.

ZEBRA Consultants together IBM are excited to provide you with any further assistance in moving forward with Hybrid Cloud solutions, Cloud Pak for Integration, RPA, Instana, and Turbonomic, as well as managing and protecting your containerized environment.

All presentations of the event have been consolidated and these can be found on the following link: Rethink, Reimagine, Reinvent Integration - A Unified Experience




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