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ZEBRA is proud to become a UiPath Partner


ZEBRA is proud to become a UiPath partner, the leader in Robotic Process Automation, a collaboration that leverages the solutions portfolio offered to our valued customers.

ZEBRA and UiPath have joined forces to provide high quality solutions and services related to Robotic Process Automation. The aim of this cooperation is to provide users the tool for an easy and quick automation capability that, at the same time, will offer a fast and effective way to streamline workflows and automate repetitive tasks.

UiPath Inc. is a global software company that makes robotic process automation software. It was founded in 2005 and its headquarters are in New York City.

Through automation, UiPath Platform bridges the gap between AI's potential and its practical application, delivering real-world impact.  

The back office and front office repetitious operations, including those carried out with other business software like enterprise resource planning (ERP) or customer relationship management (CRM) software, are automated by the company's software by monitoring user activity.  

In 2013, the initial UiPath Desktop Automation product line was introduced by the company, providing RPA capabilities for businesses to automate repetitive and manual back-office processes. UiPath is the Leader in the RPA Magic Quadrant™.



Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a software technology that simplifies the development, deployment, and management of software robots. These robots imitate human actions when interacting with digital systems and software. Just like humans, software robots possess the ability to comprehend screen content, execute precise keystrokes, navigate systems, extract data, and perform a wide range of predefined actions. However, software robots outperform humans in terms of speed and consistency, without requiring breaks or leisure time. ‘’ People have virtually limitless potential. And technologies like AI and automation should unlock that potential, not limit it. We strive to accelerate human achievement by creating the tools that help people see new possibilities, think bigger, and achieve more—for better workplaces and a better world. ‘’

RPA is a nonintrusive solution that can be rapidly implemented to expedite digital transformation. It is particularly suitable for automating workflows involving legacy systems that lack APIs, virtual desktop infrastructures (VDIs), or database access.RPA developers can create workflows with APIs and an ever-expanding array of apps, technologies, and platform interfaces using the process development canvas provided by UiPath Studio. Through the optimization of workflows, RPA enhances the profitability, adaptability, and responsiveness of organizations. It also enhances employee satisfaction, engagement, and productivity by eliminating monotonous tasks from their workdays.    

In addition to its modest coding requirements, UitPath's pre-built connectors make it simple to automate tasks involving several systems and applications of the most popular business technologies. Additionally, the top RPA pre-build solutions and examples are available in the UiPath marketplace to speed up workflows, discoveries, and the utilization of reliable enterprise-grade RPA content. For further information visit


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About UiPath

UiPath Inc. is a global software company that makes robotic process automation software. It was founded in 2005 and its headquarters are in New York City. UiPath uses automation technology to create value in the way people work and live, individually and in society. Its commitment translates to rigorous standards of environmental, social, and governance performance.

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