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Maintenance Services

We offer a variety of Maintenance Service Agreements (MSA) that provide onsite, telephone and email technical support. Our maintenance services range from network administration, systems administration, database administration, applications maintenance and websites maintenance. Our deep expertise in old and new technologies allows us to support and maintain your IT environments in an efficient and effective way.

Network Administration

We can design and carry out the installation of your organization's network infrastructure to satisfy your requirements. Tasks include acquiring the right hardware and software as well as implementing the cabling structure within your offices.

We can also implement network infrastructures in remote offices which are interconnected with the headquarters of the organization and setting up Virtual Private Networks for secure connections.

Databases Administration

Database administration is an important function in any organization that is dependent on one or more databases.

Database administration refers to the whole set of activities performed by a database administrator to ensure that a database is always available as needed. A DBA is typically also responsible for other, but still critically important, tasks and roles. These include:

  • Database Security: Ensuring that only authorized users have access to the database and fortifying it against any external, unauthorized access.
  • Database Tuning: Tweaking any of several parameters to optimize performance, such as server memory allocation, file fragmentation and disk usage.
  • Backup and Recovery: It is a DBA's role to ensure that the database has adequate backup and recovery procedures in place to recover from any accidental or deliberate loss of data.

We can administer several database servers including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Server and DB2.

Systems Administration

As System Administrators we are involved in proactive work. This means that our job is to identify possible problems before they happen so as to prevent disruptions in your business operations. This type of work includes:

  • Network monitoring
  • Testing the network for weakness
  • Keeping an eye out for needed updates
  • Installing and implementing security programs
  • E-mail and Internet filters
  • Evaluating implementing network management software

Our trained personnel will visit your premises monthly and ensure that everything works as supposed. If needed, we will visit your premises more often or connect remotely to identify and resolve issues faster.

For further information on our maintenance services or for arranging an appointment with us please call at +357 22028128 or send an email at