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Mobile Development

Mobile devices are a part of our lives these days and we can help our clients towards establishing a presence in the mobile application market. In order to be ahead of competition, businesses need to be flexible and creative offering more options to the users.

Operating Systems

iOS is one of the world’s most utilized mobile operating system found on Apple iPhone and iPad mobile devices.
More than 3 million iOS mobile applications exist today and millions of users are able to download them from the app store.
If you want your company’s mobile application to be published on iPhones and iPads, you can count on us to make that happen!

Google Android is the fastest growing platform in the mobile market today with hundreds of thousands of applications available on the Google Play.
Every day more than 1 million new Android devices are activated worldwide.
Are you interested to be part of that ecosystem?
If yes, then do send us an email! 

Mobile Websites
A Mobile Website refers to a simplified version of your existing website.
When accessing traditional websites from a web browser on a desktop or laptop computer they behave fine on the big screen.
If you then try to access them through a mobile or tablet device, you realize they are not as user friendly as they should be because of the smaller screen sizes.
Transforming traditional websites to mobile websites is something that professional companies do to offer their users the optimum experience of navigation and presentation of information through their mobile devices which they use every day.
You can rely on ZEBRA experienced team to develop mobile websites that really stand out.

For further information on our mobile development services or for arranging an appointment with us please call at +357 22028128 or send an email at