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ZEBRA has successfully delivered the project for the development of the CIXP national platform


The European Union, as a great democratic culture consisting of 27 member states had an ultimate goal - to ensure the everlasting peace and prosperity through common and efficient communication between the Member States. To achieve this, the European Commission aimed to replace the existing platform from which they exchange various documents for various thematic groups via email with the other Member States.

ZEBRA Consultants was proud to be awarded and undertake the responsibility to implement the new national platform, namely the Council Information Exchange Platform (CIXP) with complete success, under the procurement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the exchange of information between Cyprus and the European Council.

The CIXP consists of multiple web-services developed by ZEBRA for the information retrieval by the European Council. The platform is compatible with all web browsers, which manages the documents and their delivery. It allows the creation of administrator accounts, the calling of web services, the development of functions for automatic forwarding of documents to final recipients via e-mail, and the provision of options to manually call web services for other information that can be developed in a legible format. The platform includes of monitoring features as well since logging procedures have been implemented. Auditing is also provided for the identification of any system processes malfunctions.

The ZEBRA IT Team together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have achieved the most compliant and appropriate platform development for the information exchange with EU, for which the end results exceeded the expectations of the users.

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