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ZEBRA is proud to successfully implement the Veterinary Services Information System Project


The Cypriot Veterinary Services main responsibility is to help and protect the animals in Cyprus, but also to assist in minimizing their risk from various diseases. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) is an agency responsible for authorising and monitoring medicines in the EU, as well as to provide information to health care professionals and patients.

The aim of the project procured by the Department of Information Technology Services (DITS) was the interconnection of the existing veterinary system of the Cyprus Veterinary Services with the system of the EMA and the implementation of the “Referentials Management Service” (RMS) for the purpose of interconnecting the database of Cyprus Veterinary Services with the central database of EMA.

ZEBRA is proud to successfully implement the Veterinary Services project. The services provided included the development of web services between the existing veterinary system and the European Database of EMA.

The services were divided into 4 categories:

• Substance Management Services (SMS)

• Product Management Services (PMS)

• Organization Management Services (OMS)

• Referential Management Services (RMS)

The project was successfully implemented due to ZEBRA’s focus on quality of work, the effective project management as well as the efficient communication between ZEBRA, DITS and end users.

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