IT Directors Forum 2019

The 1st Conference of IT Leaders, IT Directors Forum 2019 has been successfully organised and held on the 24th of October and achieved to engage highly-ranked ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) Executives from key vertical industries towards exploring the new imperatives dictated by the race of connectivity through high technology and the urgent need of ICT to be aligned with Business growth drivers and plans.

Keynote speeches by international Thought Leaders and ICT Experts, Panels of Discussion by leading and successful Decision makers / ICT Leaders of the country, have developed and highlighted critical and state-of-the-art issues and conducted high level dynamic exchange of views, as well as interactive analysis of alternatives across the whole spectrum of IT strategy’s design and implementation.

George Christodoulou, the CEO of ZEBRA Consultants, presented the results of the Study on the ICT market in Cyprus and highlighted the forthcoming developments by the year 2021.  Mr. Christodoulou has more than 20 years of experience in the ICT sector helping organizations in their digital transformation. His experience and involvement include the implementation of numerous projects in Cyprus, Greece and the Middle East. He has worked with various customers in multiple industries such as banking, finance, telcos, government, academia, trading and utilities enabling them to unlock their business potential. He is a board member of Cyprus Computer Society since 2011, an independent not-for-profit organization, seeking to promote high standards among IT professionals and increasing awareness of ICT in Cyprus.

IT Directors Forum also analysed the current and future technologies, solutions and actionable information, which can upgrade both in-house operations, workplace coordination and productivity, ultimately leading to customer satisfaction.

The Conference focused on the following thematic areas:

 IT Strategy Design and implementation
 “Tech-enabled customer”
 Resilient & Risk-Free Organization

Key Issues

  •  The strategic contribution of IT in the 4th Industrial Revolution
  •  The ‘Connected Customer’ emergence in key vertical industries
  •  Connected Systems
  •  Regulations, High-Tech directives and the Risk Factor
  •  IT Directors’ challenges in a disruptive era 
  •  Agile & Scrum methodologies towards a sustainable and timely IT growth
  •  Legacy systems integration with the state-of-the-art ICT solutions
  •  Business Continuity the new imperatives of decentralized systems and technologies
  •  Cutting-edge Technologies (AI, Big Data & Cybersecurity, IoT, Robotics) and their impact in the new generation of solutions and services
  •  Customer-centric models and IT Leaders’ contribution to their successful adoption
  •  Innovative IT Systems and approaches for appropriate IT Outsourcing Services’ Provision
  •  The crucial role of IT to Workplace viable design and operational development

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