ZEBRA together with Red Hat proudly sponsored the Cyprus Blockchain Summit 2019


The Cyprus Blockchain Summit 2019 was organised by the leading corporate Events and Media organization, IMH, which was held on 10th of July 2019 and has been a great success.The forum was attended by Business Leaders in Cyprus; experienced speakers, keen investors and opinion leaders of major corporations in Cyprus. The main aim of the event was sharing views on the latest trends and developments in blockchain, how this emerging technology can assist businesses, the various opportunities and challenges giving at the same time a foresight on future expectations. ZEBRA Consultants is glad for the succession of the event which was achieved both through its effective organization and ZEBRA’s and Red Hat's sponsorship.

ZEBRA together with Red Hat were excited to meet some of the most influential and innovative minds from all sectors who are keen to invest or already investing in blockchain technology. ZEBRA took the opportunity to share ideas with government officials and economic decision and policy-makers that will lead to the formation of a new digital strategy using smart contracts for enhancing the productivity of businesses. Understanding the various challenges that companies / organizations face today, when time is the most valuable asset, is a critical step towards shaping the blockchain technology strategy. The event was therefore the right pitstop for refreshing our minds and focus in blockchain technology and in exploring new areas of Information Technology that will positively impact business growth.

Smart Contracts:

Different businesses and organizations deal with each other to exchange services or products. All the terms and conditions - that are usually reviewed and changed over time - are signed by the involved parties in the form of agreements or contracts. Such paper-based contracts are disposed to errors or even frauds which affects the trust between the associated parties. The possibility of risks is therefore becoming larger. Blockchain technology offers a solution to such problems through Smart Contracts.
A smart contract is a computer code running on top of a blockchain, containing a set of rules under which the parties agree to interact with each other. It facilitates, verifies, and enforces the negotiation or performance of an agreement or transaction. In other words, it is the simplest form of decentralized automation which allows a truly distributed consensus which is not controlled by any central authority to create transaction independently.

ZEBRA Smart Contracts are built using the latest technology tools such as GETH, Truffle, Solidity and XML which are running on the leading open source and most reliable operating system, the Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The smart contracts respond to specific client needs as it is fully customized and thus, the end product is built exactly according to the client’s requirements. The customised Smart Contracts will collaborate with the client’s chain of blocks and the client’s DAPP in order to achieve their goal. Using open source technology tools, smart contracts become easier to get built and helps to tie together the creative and technical aspects of the blockchain, including data storage, precision, safety and efficiency.

ZEBRA Consultants is an innovative IT company that specializes in software development, infrastructure solutions, consulting services, systems integration and cloud solutions. Red Hat is the world’s leading provider of enterprise open source solutions, including Linux, Cloud, Middleware, Storage, Virtualization and Container technologies. ZEBRA being the only Red Hat Premier Business Partner in the region, provides qualitative Red Hat solutions and services in diverse markets. Our expertise, coupled with our customer driven focus, allows our clients to tackle their technological challenges, boosting up competitiveness and maximizing their potential.

For further information on blockchain please visit zebrac.com/blockchain, send us an email on sales@zebrac.com or call at +357 22028128.

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