ZEBRA proudly supports Cyprus Computer Society’s Annual Dinner


On June 19, 2019 ZEBRA proudly supported and organized the CCS Annual Dinner which aimed to communicate high level messages regarding the ICT industry and future trends to high level management executives from all industries in the Cyprus Economy. 

The Annual Dinner’s theme this year was Digital Transformation. Digital transformation has earned its place as one of the trendiest topics among the scientific and business world. It is about renovating business models, competencies and activities to fully leverage the changes, challenges and opportunities of digital technologies and their cultural impact. Compliance with certain regulations and directives, digital disruption, open standards, systems integration, processes automation, mobility, applications development acceleration, are just some of the challenges faced by organizations today in all industries.

The idea is to use technology not just to convert an existing service in a digital form, but to make a profound transformation of that service to accelerate that impact and deliver value. Therefore, ZEBRA strongly believes that there is a huge need to change the way traditional institutions operate, and digital transformation is the key to success.


The welcome speech was made by the CCS Board Chairman Mr. Costas Agrotis, giving his warm thanks and appreciations towards CCS valuable partners, supporters as well as guests. The event has been complemented by the very first presentation of the 2019 results of the Cyprus IT Services Market Assessment, a project established by the CCS since 2017, and undertaken by the leading global research organisation IDC. A valuable presentation was made on the Cyprus IT Services Market Assessment by the IDC Associate Vice President Research IDC CEE, Mr. Zoltan Komaromi. Mr. Andreas Hadjioannou, the Virtual IT Director also delivered his messages by presenting the Digital Transformation in Dubai as an eye opening to the Cyprus IT community and general economy of the island. Finally, the Chief Scientist Mr. Kyriakos Kokkinos gave his emphasis on Digital Transformation in Cyprus, the way Cyprus reacts towards such transformation and what steps our island could take towards improvement, closing the night with well-respected and positive messages.


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