ZEBRA Consultants & Red Hat are proud sponsors of the 9th Economic Congress Cyprus!


The 9th Nicosia Economic Congress is the biggest financial / economic event in Nicosia which aims to provide a full picture of the latest economic trends and developments in Cyprus. ZEBRA together with Red Hat being proud sponsors at the event are excited to meet some of the most influential and innovative minds from all sectors. Sharing ideas with government officials and economic decision and policy-makers will help in the shape of a digital strategy aiming towards the economic growth and welfare of the island.

The economic trends and developments in Cyprus and the corresponding fluctuations affecting Cyprus’ economy has always been a matter of concern for ZEBRA.  ZEBRA, as a highly respected IT company has already contributed in the economic / financial sector by providing solutions to various banks and economic institutions in Cyprus.

The range of Red Hat solutions provided by ZEBRA in the financial and banking sectors include but are not limited to, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), Enterprise Application Platform (EAP), Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Business Process Management (BPM), Business Rules Management (BRMS), Container Platform (CP), 3scale API Management Platform, etc. Such solutions are provided in our attempt to enable our customers to better manage their business processes, to integrate their systems more efficiently and more importantly to enhance their productivity in such a rapidly-changing economic / business environment.

ZEBRA Consultants is an innovative IT company that specializes in software development, infrastructure solutions, consulting services, systems integration and cloud solutions. ZEBRA being the only Red Hat Premier Business Partner in the region, provides qualitative Red Hat and JBoss Middleware solutions and services in diverse markets. ZEBRA Consultants mission is to equip its clients with the tools to compete in today’s global market, in a time when harnessing technology’s power is not only necessary but imperative. Our expertise, coupled with our customer driven focus, allows our clients to tackle their technological challenges, boosting up competitiveness and maximizing their potential. For further information please visit www.zebrac.com or call at +357 22028128. 

To register for the 9th Nicosia Economic Congress, please click here. For more information please visit https://www.imhbusiness.com/en/9th-nicosia-economic-congress.

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