Hellenic Bank chose Red Hat Enterprise Linux from ZEBRA


Hellenic Bank Public Company Limited is one of the largest banking and financial institutions in Cyprus. The company provides its banking and financial services through its branch network, including 53 branches in Cyprus, as well as representative offices in South Africa, Ukraine, and Russia.

Searching for the most ideal solution for its Linux virtualised environment, Hellenic Bank chose Red Hat Enterprise Linux from ZEBRA.

Applying a Red Hat Enterprise Linux solution for its virtualized environment provides with a number of benefits, such as reliability, performance and top-notch security. Based on the subscription chosen, Hellenic Bank can deploy unlimited guests on their hypervisor systems. Following this approach, Hellenic Bank has the ability to scale out its Linux virtual environment easily with no additional cost.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server for Virtual Datacenters is the perfect solution for highly virtualized environments. In combination with Smart Management and Satellite Server, Red Hat allows Hellenic Bank to manage the complete lifecycle of its Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems. This add-on, offers administration, monitor and control of the bank’s development, testing, and production environment with tools to efficiently deploy, configure and patch the systems. Satellite also offers an easy and efficient way to review the software inventory on all the systems, complying with standards and regulations of the organization.

ZEBRA Consultants is an innovative IT company that specializes in software development, infrastructure solutions, consulting services, systems integration and cloud solutions. ZEBRA being the only Red Hat Premier Business Partner in the region, provides qualitative Red Hat and JBoss Middleware solutions and services in diverse markets. ZEBRA Consultants mission is to equip its clients with the tools to compete in today’s global market, in a time when harnessing technology’s power is not only necessary but imperative. Our expertise, coupled with our customer driven focus, allows our clients to tackle their technological challenges, boosting up competitiveness and maximizing their potential. For further information please visit www.zebrac.com or call at +357 22028128.

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